The COVID-19 vaccines and your fertility

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Medical experts and scientists agree that it is not possible for the vaccines to affect fertility. The vaccines protect people from becoming seriously ill or dying from Covid-19. If you are at risk from Covid-19, it is very important that … Continued

What’s in the Covid-19 vaccines?

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The COVID-19 vaccines do not contain any animal or egg products, or foetal cells or products. They are therefore suitable for people whose faith or dietary requirements mean they cannot have certain types of meat or who follow a vegetarian … Continued

National Careers Service events

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The National Careers Service has 4 workshops running next week National Careers Service Update: 15th to 19th February NEW YEAR – NEW CV to ‘BEAT THE BOT’! TUESDAY 16th February at 10:30 am Did you know many employers use computers … Continued

Starting the Community Conversation

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Over the past few months Trident has, alongside our usual services, been busy: Providing food parcel support and holiday meals (funded by Bradford Council and generous supporters, see website for the full list). Delivering and coordinating the various elements of … Continued

Parkside Urban Cricket Centre

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Bradford Trident with support from ECB and guidance from Yorkshire Cricket Board has been developing plans to extend the Parkside Sports Centre. A central element of the development plans includes a new multi-sport hall which will house elite standard indoor … Continued


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Taking place between the 1st and 7th of February, Race Equality Week is a UK-wide initiative, uniting hundreds of organisations and individuals in activity to address the barriers facing race equality in the workplace. The events of 2020, including the Black Lives … Continued

The Warm Homes Healthy People partnership

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The Warm Homes Healthy People service provides individual support to the urgent needs of vulnerable people living in cold homes. The service is free to any householder who lives in the Bradford Metropolitan District and who meets the eligibility criteria. … Continued